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Announcing Rewards for Go/Rust OSS Projects

Dear community! Thanks for your incredible support so far. With great OSS projects that use our platform like systemd, radare2, apache-arrow, syzkaller and many others we want to announce a reward program and help spread the love of continuous fuzzing! … Read More

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Why Continuous Go Fuzzing?

In this post we will focus on why continuous go fuzzing is needed and what are the challenges in implementing continuous fuzzing. Previous posts/papers regarding why go fuzzing in general is important as well as why it’s a good idea … Read More

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Discovering CVE-2019-13504, CVE-2019-13503 and the importance of API Fuzzing

Introduction In this post we will go through how we discovered CVE-2019-13504 in exiv2 and CVE-2019-13503 in mongoose, two relatively widely used oss project. Exiv2 is a set of “c++ metadata library and tools…used by many projects including in KDE, … Read More

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Continuous Fuzzing systemd – Case Study

In this blog post we will walk through how systemd integrated continuous fuzzing using the Fuzzit platform. Even though it was done with the Fuzzit platform we will talk about general design decisions and approaches in the process of setting … Read More

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Throwing 160 CPUs at 1 Year Fuzzing Target

In this blog post we will walk through how throwing 160 distributed CPUs at a fuzzing target that takes initially one year of CPU time can shorten the fuzzing time substantially. Also we will share test-cases where throwing more CPUs … Read More

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Fuzzit is looking for alpha users!

We’re excited to announce our first closed alpha version, which we hope to quickly expand to a public beta. We’d love for you to try our platform and provide your feedback. Fuzzing is one of the most effective tools for … Read More

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