NEWS: Fuzzit is Acquired by GitLab!!


Dear Users,

Today, Gitlab publicly announces it’s acquisitions of Fuzzit! 

First of all, I would like to thank our users, customers and partners around the world for being loyal users and driving our product & roadmap through sincere feedback.

I founded Fuzzit 18 months ago with a mission to help developers adapt fuzz-testing, make their code more secure and integrate it smoothly to their CI/CD. We saw a great adoption in the open-source community which really shows the technological strength and forward thinking of the community.

Today, I believe I’m taking this vision even further by integrating the technology into GitLab CI/CD which will offer (the first!) native continuous fuzzing support in the near future.

What will happen now in terms of Fuzzit?

  • No new sign-up starting today.

What will happen to existing open-source tiers?

  • All open-source free CPU will be available until 11 of July. After which only 1 CPU will be available as per the standard free tier.

All data will be available for 6 more months so you can download and backup corpuses, crashes, etc. at your convenience. After 6 months, all data will be permanently deleted. If you have any issues with exporting your data feel free to ping

The Fuzzit team is joining Gitlab to make continuous fuzzing even more simpler and help developers with integrating fuzzing into their security toolbox.

Last but not least, thanks to all of my friends & family that always helped me with advice and guidance!

You can direct message me at @yevgenypats

Founder & CEO, Fuzzit

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Exciting News! Fuzzit is acquired by GitLab

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