Fuzzit is looking for alpha users!

We’re excited to announce our first closed alpha version, which we hope to quickly expand to a public beta. We’d love for you to try our platform and provide your feedback.

Fuzzing is one of the most effective tools for finding errors in native code such as C and C++. fuzzing even a mature application can often uncover dozens of bugs and security vulnerabilities. However, fuzzing your code one time is not enough – to ensure the newest version of a product is secure, fuzzing should be part of a regression-testing suite. Unfortunately, implementing it as part of a CI/CD process is not always straight-forward, and few companies today are able to do it. Here at fuzzit, we hope to change this, bringing continuous fuzzing to many more companies than in the past, and improving robustness of code everywhere.

Fuzzit is a solution that allows you to fuzz your application continuously at a scale previously reserved only for the “big-dogs” – we fuzz your application on a horizontal scalable cpu platform.

Fuzzit easily integrates with your existing CI/CD platform, and adds what we like to call “continuous fuzzing”. We take care of the complexities of fuzzing for you behind the scenes, so you can focus on the important part – developing a great product!

Here is a sneak peak of our dashboard.

Stay tuned and sign-up for our alpha version!

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