Continuous Fuzzing Made Simple.

Fuzzing as a service platform that fuzzes your code continuously to find bugs and vulnerabilities before the bad guys do.

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Fuzz like the big guys

Have the fuzzing power and knowledge of big tech companies so you can focus on building a great and secure product.

fuzzit ci integrations

Continuous Fuzzing

Easy integration with your existing CI. Run fast regression tests on every pull-request and long fuzzing jobs in the background.


Highly Scalable

Start small and expand as necessary to cover your fuzz target.


Crash Deduplication

Accurate de-duplication of crashes to pin-point bugs.

C, C++, Golang, Rust and SWIFT

State of The Art Fuzzers

We support all latest state of the art fuzzer for C, C+, Golang, Rust and Swift. Run your current libFuzzer, AFL target at scale with deep analysis.

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  • 1 container
  • 1 concurrent job
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  • 2 containers
  • up to 2 concurrent job or 2x cpu
  • email support
  • Up to 5 containers free for open-source
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  • Hosted & On-premise
  • Organizational Features
  • 100+ containers
  • up to 100+ concurrent job or 100x cpu
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